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Missions: Great Britain

In December 1909, the Pillar of Fire Church opened a branch in London. Regular church services, as well as, open air preaching services were carried out with great fervor in various locations. Besides preaching and personal evangelism, Pillar of Fire missionaries were involved in a wide distribution of Christian literature throughout London. In 1914 the Pillar of Fire Church built a chapel in north London and made this station its Foreign Missions Headquarters. Many families were becoming attracted to the Pillar of Fire Church in London and this led the work to expand to other cities of England. Two Christian periodicals were distributed by our missionaries: The London Pillar of Fire and The British Sentinel. The growth of the Pillar of Fire Church in the United Kingdom continued and many people came to experience personal salvation in Jesus Christ and learn of heart holiness through its various ministries.

In 1925, by the grace of God, the Pillar of Fire Church was able to purchase a large property in north London comprising of one hundred rooms and several adjacent buildings. This property also has a chapel, dining rooms and a very spacious garden. Regular church services were conducted at these premises and eventually Alma White Bible College and School were founded on this location to serve the wider community in Hendon, north London. The school attracted children of many different national, ethnic and religious backgrounds and many of them came to know the Savior at a very young age.

Today the work of the Pillar of Fire Church is mainly focused in the area of North London. Our large campus functions as a residential home to almost one hundred people. We have many families, students and older people who have made the Pillar of Fire campus their home. Regular services are held in the chapel and personal evangelism and Bible studies are conducted from time to time.

The Staff
In 1988 Reverend Bernard Dawson was appointed Senior Pastor and Administrator of the Pillar of Fire Church in London. Since then he and his wife, Gale, have faithfully shared the many responsibilities involved in that work. Mrs. Wilma Stolz, who served as our missionary in Liberia for many years also lives in London and has been involved in Christian work both in England as well as in other European countries.

Reverend Dawson has a faithful team of workers who assist him in the daily ministry and administration of the Pillar of Fire work in London. From time to time renowned preachers and theologians come to London in order to hold seminars and conferences at our campus.

Areas of Ministry
Hendon is predominantly a Jewish area. This makes the subject of Jewish evangelism a priority to us in Hendon. Since the Second World War thousands of Jewish people have immigrated to Great Britain making Hendon, Golders Green and Finchley the largest Jewish community in Europe. This community is comprised of thousands of orthodox, liberal and non-practicing Jews.

In view of this, the work of evangelism has been difficult in a predominantly Jewish area. Nonetheless, the Pillar of Fire has had the privilege of becoming a centre of Christian influence despite the difficulty of having to preach the gospel in a Jewish neighborhood. This privilege, in many ways, goes back to Alma White's vision of founding a Christian community in Hendon, where Christians could live together and be trained for the ministry.

Christian housing facilities provided for the use of the wider community, has proven to be a blessing to many hundreds of people, who have come to live with us from many different countries. Some of our tenants, when they arrive here, know very little English and very little about the gospel. Some have never heard the gospel preached. We are privileged to have daily contact with these people and expose them to the Christian faith in practical application. Many of our tenants have come to understand what Christianity is all about and experienced personal conversion before returning to their homeland as lay evangelists.

Areas of Need
In the last few months we began a project of developing our premises to its full potential. Our main goal in this regard is to provide more accommodation to meet our present demand. This involves the work of building new facilities as well as reforming old quarters. This work has already proven to be extremely successful. Much more, however, needs to be done in this area. One of our aims for the near future is to be able to replace our roof and restore our many obsolete and aging chimneys. The undertaking of this project involves a great deal of time and expense but we trust the Lord to meet all our needs.

Challenges for Prayer
  • Pray for the spiritual and physical well being of our staff. Pray that God will grant the wisdom and strength that they need to be able to undertake all their responsibilities.

  • Pray for all the families and students who come into contact with our ministry. Especially for those who are far away from their countries of origin.

  • Pray for Reverend Dawson as he travels the world preaching the gospel and

  • Pray for revival in the United Kingdom. This nation has abandoned God and their spiritual heritage. Pray also that God will move the hearts of those in Parliament, making their decisions to reflect the moral commandments of God.